Web development, e-commerce infrastructure, content creation, data analytics, logistics, product design, supply chain management, social media, company administration, finance, contract work, shareholder management, athlete partnerships, wholesale account management, distribution, customer support, ad creation, competition scanning, offline-marketing - we think you get it, running a company like FUBUKI means more than just posting funny jokes on Instagram. So, how many people are we at FUBUKI? 10? 15? 20? Well, there are definitely times when we wish we were that many. The real answer is two. Yes, that's two as in - one plus one. "Wait, if you're only two people, how do you manage to...?" The question we get pretty much all the time. So far, it's been doable. Quite soon, however, we'll probably hit a point where we need to expand the team. Perhaps we should hire you? 



FUBUKI ("snowstorm" in Japanese) is a Swedish footwear brand founded in late 2018.

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October 10, 2021