in terms of winter boots sales, yes. in terms of work, not really. at fubuki, summer means research, design, market planning, production, logistics, key account communication, new partnerships etc. etc. 

on the topic of summer, can a company named fubuki (= snowstorm) release a summer collection of some sort? this is a question we’ve been joggling for quite some time now. we guess the answer is ”it depends”. it depends on what, when, where and how. given our dedication to design, comfort, and function, our mindset when it comes to brainstorming products is rather restricted. also, we’d never drop something we wouldn’t see ourselves using/wearing, nor something without a clear connection to our brand identity. guess we’ll just wait and see where our creativity takes us.



FUBUKI ("snowstorm" in Japanese) is a Swedish footwear brand founded in late 2018.

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June 08, 2022