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Welcome to “Cleaning your FUBUKIs 101”. 

Before going into our step-by-step cleaning guide, let's go over a couple of very important rules that you, unless you want to destroy your FUBUKIs, should follow.

  • Direct heat sources and your FUBUKIs are not best friends. In other words, when drying your boots, never place them in front of an electric heater/radiator, an open fire, in an electric drying cabinet or in a window that gets plenty of sun on a hot day. Instead, unless they’re soaking-wet, the boots are best air dried at room temperature. If your boots happen to be soaking-wet, air-drying them might take a bit of time. In these cases, you could consider using a so called boot dryer.
  • A boot dryer is a device that, as the name suggests, dries out boots - quickly and safely. When on a low-temp setting, the boot dryer blows a steady stream of room-temperature air through multiple vent holes. It dries out even the wettest boots quickly and silently in a few hours. If your FUBUKIs get wet frequently, consider investing in a boot dryer! It could extend the life of your boots by helping you eliminate material deteriorating moisture/damp/sweat. Note that long periods of damp in shoes can lead to bacteria and odors.

Over to the cleaning guide. If you’re looking to freshen up your boots, we suggest following the below listed steps:

  1. To clean the outside of your boots, use a soft sponge, some mild detergent/soap, and water. Scrub the boots until they shine!
  2. To clean the inside of your boots, use a lightly moistured towel (preferably white). Wipe the inside of the boots gently.
  3. Once cleaned out, leave the boots to dry. This could take a day or two. Remember, no direct heat!
  4. Once they have dried out, spray the inside of the boots with some antibacterial shoe spray and leave to “rest”. 
  5. A big recommendation: while the boots sit and rest, drop down a smell well bag in them. Bad odor is normally caused by bacteria that thrive in moist environments. SmellWell Freshener Inserts go to the source of the problem by effectively absorbing moisture and eliminating the environment for bacteria and odor to develop. No moisture, no bacteria, no smell. 
  6. Note, a smell well bag can be used all the time when you’re not using the boots. Make it a habit to drop down a bag in each one of your boots whenever you take them off at home.