When I moved to Niseko 8 years ago I noticed the local Japanese were all wearing high waterproof boots as winter was approaching. I didn’t understand until the powder taps turned on and I was walking in knee-deep snow outside of my doorstep in my skate shoes. It was time to upgrade my footwear.

Niseko is a special place. Several factors combine to create an environment that produces consistent snowfall like nowhere else. Niseko is strategically situated in a region where cold air masses from Siberia collide with moisture-laden air currents from the Sea of Japan. This collision creates a perfect recipe for heavy snowfall, with the prevailing westerly winds depositing moisture-laden air onto the nearby mountains.

Siberian air masses are exceptionally cold, and when they interact with the moisture-rich air from the Sea of Japan, the temperature difference intensifies snowfall rates. This combination ensures that Niseko experiences prolonged periods of freezing temperatures during the winter season. Niseko doesn’t need a storm to produce snow, just a light northwesterly wind.

The star model of the different FUBUKI boots, the Niseko 2.0, is named after this wonderfully snowy place. And rightfully so. A high, waterproof boot is something you need out here. If you want to stay warm and dry all day then you need a boot that will stand up to the foot of snow on the ground and on your car as you make your way to the mountains. I love that I can put my snowboard pants over the boots and seal the snow out. It doesn’t matter how deep it is. I have cold feet, and the warmth that FUBUKIs provide is a game-changer for me. Dry, warm, and fantastic grip. I couldn’t imagine going back to my old boots or skate shoes.


Evan Wilcox - 2023


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