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This is where you probably expect us to tell you all about our careful sourcing of raw materials, our making sure no unnecessary water is used in the manufacturing of our products, our genuine support of arctic research etc. To us, these aspects of our business are not to be considered something “extra”, nor something “beyond normal”. Rather, we look at these aspects as today’s standard, or at least what in our opinion should be today’s standard.

No, instead we would like to devote this section to the opposite, namely to say that: we’re not perfect. In fact, like most of the companies within our industry, we’re quite far from perfect. Looking at our operations from an environmental point of view, for instance, we know there are things that can be done better. Do we know how? Well, let’s put it like this. If we did know exactly how, we’d obviously be doing it, so the answer to that question is no. Do we try to figure out how? Every single day. And yes, it is costly. No matter if you focus on production, shipping, distribution or recycling, environmentally beneficial efforts do not always come with green numbers. Normally what you hear is that, in order to make progress, you got to be willing to sacrifice. This is a statement we strongly believe in, although, we are not very fond of the word sacrifice. Sacrifice is something you do because you feel like you have to, not something you do because you actually want to. What we like to say instead is that, in order to make progress, you got to be willing to put the time in, to listen, to adopt new practices and to let sustainability be a driving factor in all of your decision making processes.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this game. As one of the smaller companies within the outdoor gear/apparel industry, we couldn't be more thankful for the guidance provided by some of the larger, more experienced, companies. The knowledge on how to tackle certain sustainability issues put forward by companies such as Patagonia, Cotopaxi and AllBirds is invaluable for a company like ours. Our goal is to one day be able to identify ourselves among these leaders.

With that said, we are not expecting you to trust our words. Earning someone’s trust should take time, and we know we may not be there yet. What we do expect however, is to be pressured. To be questioned. Because even though we constantly try to force ourselves in the right direction, the challenge becomes a whole lot easier when you have a group of people reminding you why you decided to take on the challenge in the first place.
Supplier certificates:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate - System in conformity with: ISO 45001:2018 Standard. Certificate obtained 2019.
  • Quality Management System Certificate - System in conformity with: GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Certificate obtained 2019.
  • Environmental Management System Certificate - System in conformity with: GB/T 24001-2016 / ISO 14001:2015 Standard. Certificate obtained 2019.
  • REACH Certificate of Compliance - Products in compliance with the EU REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.