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The first Niseko-model (now known as "the 1.0" or "the original") had its first glimpse of daylight back in September, 2019. Although very much based on the looks of a traditional Japanese road worker boot, the model took the FUBUKI founders somewhere between six and eight months to develop. Roughly 50 designs and close to 200 different color codes went through the review process before the final decisions were put down on paper and sent over to the boot factory. Roughly twelve weeks later, the first (which later turned out to be the last) batch of Niseko 1.0 was done. The number? 1156 pairs. 

Today, these 1156 pairs belong to a very special group of customers. At FUBUKI, we like to call them the front-runners. Without these people, FUBUKI would not be what it is today. If you read this and you are one of these people, we urge you to hang on to the pair you have in your possession. One day, you'll know why.