the last thing you'll regret buying this winter.


"it’s a little ironic that the best version of the classic japanese rubber boot is produced by a couple of swedes under the name FUBUKI."

"we highly recommend that if you live in a cold, wet environment, you’ll be super pleased with these “slippers”.”

"extremely warm, exceptionally light, exceptionally stylish"

"whether you’re shoveling the driveway or shoveling nachos into your face during après, FUBUKI boots should be on your feet."


where design and comfort meets function and resistance. or, to cut a long story short, where sweden meets japan.

  • colorful comfort at your service.

    there was a time when we thought snow boots was a weird phenomenon. that was before our trip to japan back in 2016. during that trip, a thing or two happened. what used to be something we would never wear, quickly became everything we wanted to wear.

  • not your average winter boots.

    if you find a pair that you want, make sure you grab them quickly. working with a small, family-owned boot factory means working with a limited number of production lines. therefore, it might take some time before you see them back in stock again. also, overproducing isn't really our thing.

"FUBUKI was designed as an alternative for the snow-loving community. Skiers have long been irreverent nonconformists. Lovers of FUBUKI around the globe continue to shape and cultivate a culture around the colorful boots—one that’s fluid, unconventional, and celebrates personal expression and interpretation.

In a world where tough and resistant so often means rigid and boring, FUBUKI represents an off-piste path for those who confidently carve their own tracks on winter’s blank canvas.”

Matthew Tufts, Journalist & Photographer

surprise your team!

we love working with teams from around the globe. no matter if you're a team of ski patrollers, a team of photographers, or a team of school teachers, we are sure we can work out a special deal for you.

what size am i?

before you go ahead and make a purchase, we strongly encourage you to read our size guides. ending up with something that's bigger or smaller than expected is never fun.


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